4 Ideas for Lifting Room Character with Curtain Valances

When it comes to curtain valances, there are several different things you can do with them to add character to your room. Here are a few great ideas when considering a room's theme and what to do with the valance.

1 - Beach Theme or Getaway

Whether you are decorating the room for a child or for a beach house, a getaway or beach theme is a great idea. An ocean wall painted and seashells spread out can be complimented with the right window valance. One great idea is to use dried grass or a grass skirt for the window valance. This gives it a unique and edgy feel but also puts you in the mindset of being away and on vacation. You can find the grass skirts on line or in many stores. If you are decorating your home though, you will want to go with a sturdy and higher quality skirt rather than the plastic ones.

2 - Galvanized Metal

This type of window valance is definitely a new one. It stands out and is extremely modern and edgy. You need to have the right room and decor to make this work, but if you do, it looks amazing. This look is great for an office or even a kitchen and goes with curtains that are blue, white and gray the best. While this is a great set up to have in your home, you do have to put more effort into it. You will have to most likely consult a professional and this option is a little bit more expensive than the others.

3 - Plaid or Floral

While these prints went out of style for a little bit, they really have come back in the past few years. The best thing about plaid and even floral is that you have several colors to pick and choose from as a palate for the entire room. You can use a base color and then the rest as accents for the pillows or rugs or even accessories to draw in all of the colors and make one big picture.

4 - Solid Colors

Having a bold solid color for your valance can help to bring some life to the room. When you go with more neutral colors for the wall or decor and furniture, one or two pops of color for the window valances is an amazing look. For a kid's room you can go for a hotter color like pink or lime green or electric blue. For a common room like the living room or den, you may want to go with a bold but soothing color like a deep red or a mustard yellow. These are both really unique and stand out but are also comforting and appropriate for that type of setting.

Whatever type of valance that you decide on, you want to make sure that they are kept clean and maintained. You may want to fluff or flatten them as many times valances lose their shape after time.