4 Ideas for Placing Pictures on Dorm Walls

Hanging pictures on walls in a dorm room can be difficult. You are not usually allowed to make holes in the walls to hang pictures, so you need to be a little creative. Here are a few ideas to hang pictures without using nails.

Double Sided Tape

If you want to hang something lightweight, such as a poster, use double sided tape. This tape is sticky on both sides. Place a piece on the back and attach it to the wall.


Purchase a strip of adhesive-backed velcro and cut into 1 or 2 inch strips. Stick one side on the wall and one side on the back of the picture at top corners. Match up velcro pieces to stick picture to the wall.

Existing Nails

If there are any existing nails in the wall, use them. If they're far apart, tie a piece of colored twine from one nail to the other. Small decorative clips can be used to clip photos to the twine.

3M Brand Adhesive Hooks

To hang heavier pictures, use 3M Brand adhesive hooks. They can be easily removed from walls without leaving marks. Use as many as you need to hang your items securely.