4 Ideas for Swing Arm Curtain Rods

A convenient way to hang curtains is to use swing arm curtain rods as they could be opened or closed with a single force without moving curtains. Following are some ideas for using swing arm curtain rods-

Why Swing Arm Curtain Rods?

They will help you save a lot of your room space, also it will enhance efficiency of your curtain use.

1. Many Rooms in One

If you have one large living/drawing room, you can effectively use swing arm curtain rods to create room partitions for different occasions/times of the day.

2. Optimum Usability

Metallic swing arm curtain rods can be used even in areas which have high moisture content or proximity to water unlike their wooden counterparts.

3. Where to Hang?

These swing arm curtain rods can be opened in any direction as they are attached to a mold in a wall or a window. Depending upon the use intended you must find a proper fixing point for the rod.

4. Easy Installation

Flat surfaces are best to install these swing arm rods. As they come in both wooden and metallic varieties, you can merge them with your room contours easily.