4 Ideas On Where To Put A Panel Room Divider

Panel room dividers are a great way to break up a room or to hide unsightly areas while adding a bit of decoration and functionality. Here are a few ideas on how to put a panel room divider to good use.

Hiding Unsightly Areas

Many cover-up solutions often involve a great deal of work. A simple solution is to set up a divider. Common areas to hide are shelves full of mismatched odds and ends, your child’s toy area in the spare room that doubles as your office, or large, unsightly appliances, such as the washer and dryer, or a water heater.

Also, if cover up is your only worry, and you don’t want to take up any more space than necessary, consider a hanging room divider. Many of these are simply curtains hung from a rod installed from the ceiling or wall.

Breaking Up Excess Space

Panel room dividers are great for breaking up excess space in a room that’s just too large. You can use them to section off the kid’s playroom in the basement from your work area where all your tools are kept. Set up a few dividers in your loft apartment to declare where your bedroom is versus the living room. Set one up in your dorm room so you and your roommate always know who’s half of the room is who’s.

Adding Privacy

Having a small, private area in a room is a staple of room divider use. The most typical place for this is in the bedroom, where you may want a little extra privacy while getting dressed. If you have a wide open kitchen and dining room area, you can also use dividers to give your dining room a more private, intimate feel by cutting off the view of the kitchen.

Separate Stations

Perhaps the most common use of panel dividers is in an office setting; many large companies set up cubicles, which are a type of single-panel divider, in large rooms for their middle management personnel. They work excellent for breaking up individual work areas, or setting up specific work stations for different purposes. This concept can even be applied in your own home. For example, if you have several children, each wanting a different place to work on their own hobbies, but you only have the one spare room, you can set up dividers to give them their own work areas for whatever they want to do. This is also a great way to give each child a private place with few distractions for things like homework and other studies.

The possibilities for what to do with a panel room divider are only limited by your imagination. Be sure to check out all the different types of dividers and options available for more ideas on where to place a new divider.