4 Important Elastomeric RV Roof Coating Safety Precautions

Elastomeric roof coatings are easily applied and great long term solutions for RV roofs. Be extremely cautious when applying the coatings and allowing them to cure due to the harsh chemicals. Following some standard safety precautions will keep everyone safe.

1 - Skin Contact

Protective clothing and eye wear is essential when applying. Be sure to have rubber gloves and shoes, as well as no exposed skin. If product should have contact with the skin, apply baking soda to absorb and then flush with water liberally.

2 - Well-Ventilated

During both application and curing of this product, large amounts of ventilation are needed. The fumes which are put off are highly noxious and a respirator is recommended if proper ventilation cannot be achieved.

3 - Highly Flammable

The coating is highly flammable and will produce carbon dioxide fumes and smoke if incinerated. It is important the coating not be applied or stored near any kind of flame or heat source.

4 - Spills

If spilled, ventilate the area as best as possible and cover kitty litter. An absorbent will be necessary immediately in order to keep the coating from coming into contact with other chemicals which can cause adverse reactions and fumes. When absorbed, scoop into a container for disposal. Dispose of with other hazardous chemical waste.