4 Interior Door Color Ideas

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Your interior door color is one determining factor that affects the overall ambiance of a room, bathroom, kitchen or any area of your house where an interior door is installed. You can choose a single door color, use patterns, use faux paint techniques, or paint murals.

1. Single Paint Color

Use a color chart when you're choosing a single door color. Take note of the different colors used in a room, and use these to select the appropriate color to either complement the entire color scheme of your child’s room or create an attention-grabbing interior door color. If you want an interior door that complements the color scheme of a room, choose a color that is within the range of all the dominating colors in that room. If you want an attention-grabbing door color, choose one in the opposite range of the dominating colors in that room.

2. Patterns

If you opt not to use a single color for your interior door, you can use patterns that conform to the theme of your room. You can use various shapes, animal patterns, and textures. For a more contemporary look, choose geometric designs and pick the colors of the same range in the color wheel. Start with the base color of your door and then proceed with the color accents on the door panels, the surrounding areas of the doorknob, and door edges. Another idea is to add interesting sayings and adages along with the patterns to your interior door.

3. Faux Paint

If you want to create an elegant and breathtaking interior door, you can use faux paint techniques. With these techniques, you use paint to imitate other types of surfaces, such as granite, crackles, leather, and others.

4. Murals

For a more vibrant interior door, you can choose to paint murals consisting of interesting visual patterns and sceneries such as the night sky, mountains, flowers, and other natural elements. Murals on doors are interesting and can complete the theme of any living space. If you are painting a door in a kid's room, you might want to consider flowers, fairies, dragons, and animals.