4 Kid's Room Paint Ideas

There are plenty of kids room paint ideas that you can use for your kid's upcoming room makeover project. The great thing about painting a child's room is that you don't have to limit yourself to a few colors or be restricted when it comes to themes and designs. Painting your kid's room will let your imagination fly and at the same time, let out the inner child in you. Here are some great room painting ideas that you would want to keep in mind. 

1. Colors

Anyone who has a painting project always thinks about the colors first. For your kid's bedroom, you can use several ideas. For one, you can paint the entire room with your kid's most favorite color. Most boys love blue, violet, gray, and green while girls are fond of pink, yellow, and red. Another idea would be to use complementary colors that will blend well with the room. For example, you can pick a neutral color that will serve as the main color paint like light yellow, light brown, or beige. Then from there, you can add in accents using colors that complement each other like red and orange against a light yellow backdrop or blue and green on top of the light brown base paint. 

2. Pictures and Murals

Walls don't always have to be flat and plain. You can bring more life into the walls of your kid's room by painting the walls, floor, and ceiling with pictures or murals. Ask your kid about what kind of design he wants for his room and then use that to incorporate designs on the walls or ceiling. For example, if he dreams of becoming an astronaut someday, you can paint a mural of outer space on the walls and some flickering stars on the ceiling to give him the inspiration he needs to pursue his dream. 

3. Wall Decals

Wall decals are also great for kids rooms. These stick-on designs give depth and creativity to otherwise plain and boring walls. You can buy wall decals online or make your own. To make your own wall decals, you will need to have sticker sheets and a printer. Online, look for designs that you think your kid will adore and then use a graphic design software to edit the design to fit your kid's personality. Then print the design onto the sticker sheets. See to it that the images you get online are royalty free. 

4. Theme

Having a theme is always a smart idea because it makes the decoration process much easier. Not to mention, it also gives the room a unified look as all the elements follow a central theme. Suggested themes for boys include car racing, dinosaur, superheroes, firefighter, cowboy, outer space and many more. For girls, common themes used are fairy tale, princess, castles, garden, beach, and so on. Choose paint color and designs that can be associated with the theme. For example, if you choose a beach theme for your summer-loving darling, color the walls with blue, yellow, and green shades. Add in beach elements like sand, beach, flipflops, sun, ocean, palm trees, star fish, shells, hibiscus, sailboats, and many others