4 Kinds of Durable Decorative Window Shutters

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Decorative window shutters are non-functional shutters that are used to decorate the windows. Unlike functional shutters, they cannot be closed or opened. They are usually used to improve the visual appeal of a building. These shutters are also smaller in size, which makes them different from functional shutters. The durability of these shutters depends on the type of material used to make them.

1) Decorative Vinyl Shutters

Vinyl decorative window shutters are made of PVC, which is a very durable, lightweight, and water-resistant material. They are warp, chip, and shrink resistant. These shutters look similar to traditional wood shutters. At the same time, they are much cheaper and last longer compared to wood shutters. Apart from that, they are also maintenance-free. If you are leading a busy life, these are the perfect shutters for your home or office. Vinyl shutters are also called faux shutters, as they are made of 100 percent vinyl. A combination of vinyl and wood material called faux wood shutters are also available.

Vinyl shutters are available in a variety of styles. The louvers of vinyl decorative window shutters are usually fixed. Board and batten vinyl shutters consist of vertical sheets of PVC joined with horizontal sheets, one on each end. You can try this style if you are after a more traditional look for your house. You can also choose from classic panel shutters or raised panel shutters. Both of them have a single panel or multiple panel designs. They are also available in combination panel styles, in which two or more styles can be incorporated to form a new style. If you have arch windows, you can choose arched shutters to suit them.

2) Decorative Fibreglass Shutters

Decorative fiberglass shutters are also durable and require little maintenance. Even though they are expensive compared to other decorative window shutters, they can last for a lifetime. They are also resistant to warping, chipping, and shrinkage. A decorative fiberglass shutter can add a touch of luxury to your home. You can choose any color for your shutters, as long as it suits the exterior décor of your house. They also come in various styles such as classic or raised panels, fixed louver, and board and batten styles.

3) Decorative Aluminium Shutters

Aluminum window shutters are also reasonably priced, durable, and maintenance-free. They can even withstand hurricanes. So, once they are attached in place they will last for a lifetime, no matter whatever the weather is. They are also available in fixed louver style. If you want to raise a panel or board and batten shutters, it will cost you some extra dollars.

4) Decorative Cedar Shutters

These are the most common type of decorative window shutters and are made of wood. Even though cedar is a species of wood, it is very durable due to its water- and pest-resistant properties. These types of shutters are also resistant to warping and they're chip resistant. They contain natural bug repellent called tannin, which keeps insects, bugs, or termites away from them. They are also rich in natural oils that protect them from decaying. Being a very popular choice, they are available in various sizes. These decorative window shutters can also be custom-made to suit your style.