4 Metallic Faux Finish Design Tips

A metallic faux finish is meant to give a wall, furniture or something else in your home the look of metal. It always seems hard to do at first but once you get the hang of creating a metallic faux finish it is really easy to do. When this happens you will start to look at everything in your home wondering if it would look great with a metallic faux finish. Though your creativity is applauded not everything should have a metallic faux finish. The following article will share with you several ideas and tips for creating and using a metallic faux finish design effectively.

Do it all at Once

A metallic faux finish is not a type of finish that can be designed or planned out. The randomness of the metallic faux finish is what makes it a great design concept to utilize. It can take time to complete but it is important that it gets started and finished the same day. This is because when you get started doing the design and you stop for a day or two it will most likely not look the same when you get back to it. Any type of design change, from day to day, in the same space will stand out like a sore thumb. Even though you want to complete the metallic faux finish on the same day you started it this does not mean you should rush the job.

Select the Right Base Coat

Deciding on the type of metal you want to make the metallic faux finish resemble hinders greatly on the base or primer coat you use. There are three metals that are often used as a metallic faux finish: steel, gold and brass. Creating a metallic faux finish to resemble either of these metals is not hard to do. A steel metallic faux finish would require that the base coat be painted gray. Brass as a metallic faux finish would need a ruddy brown and gold would require a mustard yellow.

Test it First

Creating a metallic faux finish is a creative process and a fun journey so do not worry so much about specifics and particulars. Have fun with trying out different paint shades as a base coat and even tint the metallic top coat. Use a scrap piece of wood and test the paint out as well as your design technique.

Not just for Walls

A metallic faux finish is often seen on walls and that is generally where it stops but a metallic faux finish is much more universal and versatile than that. If you have a garage then you know how boring the walls can be and you could use the metallic faux finish on them. You could also use it on the floors to give that feeling of depth and work. If you are going for a very organic look in a room then you can use a metallic faux finish on cupboards. Picture frames, molding and trim are also great areas to showcase a metallic faux finish.