4 Mistakes to Avoid When Designing a Bathroom

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Designing a bathroom can be far easier if you have a blank canvas upon which to work. Many people remodel their bathrooms and find that previous plumbing can be a serious issue. Others have issues of incorrect electrics or other factors.


Designing a new bathroom should be considered primarily as a plumbing job. If the plumbing is installed correctly, all else will be a matter of cosmetics. A common mistake to avoid is pipe work which is incorrectly secured and sealed.

Electrical Work

All electric fittings and sockets inside a bathroom should be ground fault interrupters (GFIs). Avoid regular light fittings and fit GFI lights. Moisture and steam can cause electrical fires, so observe safety precautions when remodeling your bathroom.


Waterproof materials should be used where possible. Avoid using materials in your bathroom that are prone to mold and rot as a result of the damp and moist conditions of your bathroom.


Have the correct type and amount of ventilation. Some bathrooms are situated in the center of the house with no window or external ventilation. Fit ventilation fans to the ducts in your home so that excess steam and moisture can be extracted.