4 Mistakes to Avoid when Installing French Door Blinds

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If you have installed French doors as exterior doors then French door blinds become a necessity. French doors are known for allowing a lot of natural light inside the home. This feature also makes French doors a better window as they lack privacy. To cure this problem, while maintaining the beauty, add French door blinds. The article that follows will share with you tips and tricks on how to properly hang French door blinds.

    1. Measure the Right Area

      French doors are unique in that the glass panes are narrower than traditional windows which makes them hard to fit. When you are shopping for French door blinds you will notice that some brands are specific to certain brands of doors. Measuring the French doors becomes very important when trying to buy blinds. All you need to get the correct French door blinds are a simple measuring tape. Use the measuring tape to measure the width of the glass and the height of the glass ignoring the center molding. To get the correct blinds and inch to each side to make sure the blinds will cover the entire door.

      2. Top Center

        French doors are often made out of solid wood which is typically oak or cedar. The French doors are then painted or stained. The fact that it is solid wood makes installing French door blinds a little different than other blinds for hollow doors or windows. When installing French door blinds you should always do so in the top center of the door. Measure the space if you want in order to determine this position. The same applies to the sides of the door. This will be the strongest section of the door which will prevent the wood from splintering or being damaged in any way.

        3. Two French Door Blinds

          French doors are unique because they are two ornate doors instead of just one that you normally find in homes. This also means that you need to have two French door blinds. Each door should be measured for accuracy and blinds bought for each door separately. This is because to make doors fit (French or traditional) the installer may have shaved some of the wood off one of the doors.

          4. Pilot Holes

            With most doors, you can install blinds using normal screws and an electric screwdriver. French doors, as they are solid wood, require a little more work and effort to ensure that the French door blinds are properly installed. Use an electric drill with a drill bit smaller than the screws you will be using. Create the pilot holes so that they are just below the surface. Use an anchor and insert it in the pilot hole with a mallet. You can now use the screws you selected using the screwdriver. As the screws are inserted the anchors dig into the sides of the hole.