4 Most Popular T8 Light Fixtures

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Installing T8 light fixtures is an easy way to save up to 70 percent on energy. T8 fixtures and bulbs are becoming the most widely used. “T” is for tubular and “8” is how many eighths of an inch wide the tube is. So a T8 is 1-inch thick.

1. Fluorescent Fixture

The most common use of T8 lamps is in a fluorescent ceiling fixture. These are usually found in offices, retail, and use a restart ballast to reduce flickering and noise. Using a T8 lamp will reduce energy costs over a traditional fluorescent tube. Some traditional fluorescent fixtures can be retrofit to accept the newer T8 bulbs. This requires a retrofit kit that is available from numerous manufacturers.

2. Plant Grow Fixture

A grow light fixture with T8 bulbs is available with different bulbs for various stages of growth. A 3000-degree Kelvin lamp is used for flowering and fruiting phases. To promote vegetable growth a 5000-degree lamp is best. For full-spectrum growth, a 6000-degree lamp is recommended. This type of lighting fixture is excellent for growing plants because little heat is produced and the light can be hung as low as 4 inches above the plants.

3. Workshop Light Fixture

Local home centers sell light fixtures specifically for the workshop with T8 bulbs. In comparison to a traditional workshop light, this fixture will give out more light, use less energy, and provide a better quality of light. Many of these are designed to work with three bulbs.

4. Commercial Light fixtures

Commercial lighting costs account for about 35 percent of the budget in operating a commercial building. So it is important to reduce energy costs. The modern standard for lighting offices, schools, and other commercial buildings is T8 lighting fixtures with fluorescent bulbs and electronic ballasts. These fixtures are so economical that they can earn back the initial investment of installing them in as little as five years.


There are several factors to consider when purchasing a fixture or lamp. The shapes available are a straight tube which comes in 2-foot, 4-foot, and 8-foot lengths. These lamps can also be in the shape of a “u”. This lamp is bent to fit a 4-foot tube into a 2-foot fixture. Straight T8 fluorescent tubes can come in a variety of lengths.

While four feet is the most popular length, two-foot and eight-foot tubes are common. Wattages vary widely as well, with 32-watt being the most popular. Single-pin bulbs are used mostly for signs. You can also choose different color rendering. This is how colors appear under the light. The color temperature is how much white, blue, or yellow is in the light.