4 Outdoor Cat Enclosure Design Ideas

Adding an outdoor cat enclosure can be a wonderful extension to your house in which your kitten or cat can safely play and run around without risks. In fact, nowadays, cat enclosures have become very popular and have helped transform the life of every cat lover because they can provide a safe playground complete with every little treat your cat might enjoy. The best part is that they can be built by the homeowner or bought from professionals.

1. Fencing

An outdoor cat enclosure can be as large as you wish; it can encompass your whole backyard or an area as big as the average room. Cat enclosures would generally be built of a mesh grid or even of chicken wire. However, since cats are very agile, the enclosure needs to have a roof, so you have to consider whether the enclosed area will have a wooden roof or be made of the same mesh grid of the enclosure's walls. If you want to use safer material you can use cat netting or even wiring made of polypropylene mesh grid so that you won't have to use chicken wire which may not be aesthetically pleasing. The most important thing is to have it shaped in a large square-like ?ocage fashion so that cat's won't have exits to the outdoors.

2. Solutions to Spraying and Obesity

Cats, even when neutered, feel the need to spray around the house simply to mark the territory. However, if they have an outdoors playing area they will most probably stop spraying in the house and revert to spraying in the outdoor cat enclosure. This will solve the problems created in the household when cats start spraying. Furthermore, the enclosed area will allow cats to play and run around. Thus sedentary and obese cats will have the opportunity to burn calories and keep fit in a safe environment. If your cat may need exercise, this is the perfect solution because you will avoid letting your cat run around in the outdoors where he can catch deadly diseases. Furthermore, this will be the perfect small for young, energetic cats to vent their curiosity and energy instead of having them roam around your house on sofas and furniture.

3. Stress Reliever

Outdoor cat enclosures may even allow your pet to relieve stress related issues. Unfortunately, indoor cats tend to be heavily dependent on their owners for stimulation, however, when allowed an outdoor space to roam around they will be able to interact and explore the world with greater freedom. This will be ideal if the pet owner stays away from the house for long spans of time which can result in a stressed cat. In fact it is recommended to have more than one cat to roam around in the enclosure so that they can play together.

4. Fun House

Your outdoor enclosure needs to have various areas to cover all the needs of your pet. It is suggested to have a constant water source, maybe even a water pond so that they can splash around when the weather gets hot. You should also add various tree limbs and strong branches to act as lookout spots so that they will be allowed to climb around and exercise. It is also important to make sure to have a covered area so that the cats can take shelter when it is raining and to also have an area which is partially exposed to the sun so that the cats can sunbathe.

Building or adding an outdoor cat enclosure is one of the best solutions for many cat problems in your household. Remember that this will be your pet's playing area so make sure to properly equip it for exercise and playing purposes.