4 Outdoor Floor Tile Design Ideas

Outdoor floor tile is very similar to indoor floor tile, except that it can withstand weather conditions and tolerate more wear. But just because it's more durable doesn't mean that outdoor tile colors and patterns are limited.

Slate Tiles

Slate is one of the most popular options for outdoor flooring designs. Slate is used on walkways and patios because it is easy to maintain and simple to install. It comes in many different textures and colors and is very durable. It is recommended for areas that will be exposed to lots of moisture, like around pools or hot tubs, since it is naturally slip resistant. However, it is difficult for moisture to penetrate slate.

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles have been used outdoors for everything from patio accents to exterior pool flooring. However, be cautious when selecting a ceramic tile to use outside as it must be able to stand up to climate changes as well as the elements. Terracotta, for example, can not resist freezing temperatures, so it is best used in warmer, Mediterranean climates.

Brick Flooring Tiles

Brick flooring tiles are used to build areas around a barbecue and for building patios and walkways. the appearance of brick is definitely informal, and almost rustic in its appeal. Brick flooring tiles are durable for just about any outdoor applications, and they able to retain a lot of heat.

Natural Sandstone and Granite Tiles

These tiles are easy to install since they snap in place over any solid and even surface, giving the look of a professional finish. Sandstone and granite tiles are available precut, and are bonded to a mesh base that interlocks and allows you to firmly place the tiles with no grout or adhesives. This automatically gives you the assurance of a perfect alignment. If these tiles get wet, the open mesh base and small gaps between each tile allow the water to drain away between them, preventing water from pooling. Since water drains away between the tiles and under them, the chances of slipping and falling are greatly reduced for those walking on them. Sandstone and granite tiles allow you to cover any space no matter what shape or size. You can expand them, rearrange them or just remove them all.