4 Outdoor Rocking Chair Cushion Options

Rocking chairs are great pieces of furniture to sit on and relax away the afternoon while you sit on your porch, but if you add some rocking chair cushions, they will be even better. Cushions not only make the chair more comfortable, they also add some style and color to the chairs.
If your rocking chair is out there on the front porch, or maybe your deck or patio, you will want cushions that can withstand the outdoors and the weather conditions. You want your cushions to be water resistant and if possible, protected from fading with a UV inhibitor in the fabric, plus one that can be washed. The kind of outdoor rocking chair cushions you buy depends on where you live and the kind of weather your chair will be exposed to. For instance, if you live in someplace that has a lot of sunny weather like California, you will want cushions that can hold up to the heat and sun, but if you live someplace it rains a lot, you will want something that is resistant to mold and mildew. Many companies even offer warranties to guarantee their products will perform as described. Here are a few examples of some outdoor rocking chair cushions and what they can do for your favorite rocking chairs:

1 - Waterproof Cushions

One type of outdoor cushions are the types that are made of water resistant materials. You can find these with foam or other soft material on the inside. Usually these type of cushions tie with strings to the rocking chair. They come in a wide variety of colors and patterns.

2 - Fade-proof Cushions

You can also get rocking chair cushions that are infused with UV inhibitors in the fabric. These types of cushions are great if you live in a sunny area, as they can sit out in the sun and not fade. They can be found in many different shades and patterns for many brands of rockers.

3 - Washable Cushions

Many rocking chair cushions meant for outdoor use are also washable. The covers zip off and can be washed in your washing machine easily and without worry of shrinkage. If they don’t have removable covers, they may be made of an easily washed fabric such as vinyl that you can scrub with soap and water.

4 - Mildew-Resistant Fabric

Some companies make rocking chair cushions that are made of a type of fabric that is resistant to things like mildew, mold or similar problems. These cushions are made of a special fabric that has chemicals in it to prevent the growth of these conditions. The cushions can be found in many different colors and styles.

Colorful, comfortable cushions are a great way to show off your personal style and decorate your favorite rocking chair. You can buy them for either outdoor or indoor use, but if you want them for outdoor use, remember to consider the climate, location and duration it will be outside. So, follow these previous suggestions and you will be able to enjoy your rocking chair cushions for a long time to come.