4 Patio Table Sets that can Withstand Harsh Weather

Black patio table set with umbrella
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Patio table sets should be sturdy. Moisture from rain, snow, harsh winds, and the sun’s ultraviolet rays can quickly damage elegant table sets made of thin plastic. Here are the most common types of patio table sets that can withstand harsh weather. They come in many different designs and will match any house’s theme.

1. Aluminum

Aluminum patio sets are the most common types of patio furniture because of their stylish designs and their durability. They can withstand snow or rain. They are easy to dust, do not rust, and they do not lose their form in extreme temperatures. Homeowners get their money's worth because they can last a lifetime. Outdoor living is also made easy by aluminum patio sets because they can be moved from one place to another without any hassle.

2. Hardwood

Round teak table and four chairs

Wooden patio furniture is a popular choice for patios. However, only patio sets that are made from hardwoods, such as cedar and teak. They are known to handle the rigors of extreme weather conditions. Aside from the rustic look that hardwood provides, it is easy to clean and maintain. After a heavy rainfall, you just need to wash the wood with soapy water, and then rinse. However, in time the wood may lose its natural color. To prevent or delay this, apply protective sealants and oils regularly. Another added benefit that these woods can provide is that some woods, like cedar, help repel mosquitoes and other insects.

3. Wrought Iron

A wrought iron patio set is a perfect choice if you are thinking of many years of picnics or small gatherings outside your home. Regardless of the number of seasons in a year, it will last for many years. The reason it is long-lasting is because it's chemical elements. Since there is only a small amount of carbon, a wrought iron patio set can resist any weather condition.

After some time, it will lose its beauty. To give it a brand new look, clean this piece with a mixture of warm water and soap. Make sure that the soap is mild. Then, rinse and dry. If you see any stain or rust, you will need to sand it down and then repaint it. If you are looking for style in your patio, this type of outdoor set offers a wide variety of designs.

4. Hard Plastic Resin

Deck chairs and small table

When you are considering both affordability and quality for the outdoor furniture, you may consider hard plastic resin patio sets because they provide the best option. They are offered at reasonable costs and are 100% weather resistant. Just like an aluminum patio set, they do not rust with too much exposure to the sun or rain.

Also, these patio sets do not require much hard work because they are easy to clean. In order to remove dirt, you will need a bucket of soapy water, scrub and cloth. Make sure to wash with a towel and let it air dry. Your patio set should appear as good as new once you are done.