4 Popular Crackle Paint Color Combinations

Crackle Paint Color Combinations can be any colors you choose. There are however, many combinations that are tried and true. Here are 4 popular combinations to try.

1.  Cream and Red

This combination works great if you want to achieve an old barn look.  Start with a cream color base coat. Add your crackle glaze and finish then cover with red topcoat. This looks nice on a front door.

2.  Beige and Brown

If you have a fireplace mantel that you want to give a log cabin feel, start with dark brown paint, glaze, and then use a light tan topcoat. You can use this combination to give any piece of wood and old look.

3.  White and Green

This color combination is popular for shabby chic décor. Use this combination on any piece of wood furniture of accessory to give it the look of a piece that has been painted and some has chipped away over the years. Use white paint for the base coat, following with the crackle glaze, then paint over with a dark green, such as hunter green. This is popular for crackle painting the legs of an old kitchen table, with the top left natural or painted white.

4.  Dark Pink and White

A new, but becoming ever popular crackle combination, is a dark pink base with white topcoat. This is usually found in furniture and accessories in a baby girl’s room. You will use the dark pink for the base coat, glaze, and cover with white. Use porcelain glaze for this combination if you want small cracks, such as accessories, or weathered crackle glaze if you want bigger cracks, such as a rocker or changing table. 

All of these combinations are popular, but do feel free to try a few of your own!