4 Precautions to Consider when Using Turpentine as a Paint Remover

Turpentine is a highly flammable toxic liquid that is often used as a grease and paint remover. Since it is solvent, care should be taken when using turpentine. Here are 4 precautions that should be considered.

1. Keep away from Fire and Ignition

Turpentine should be kept away from any naked flames due to its flammable nature. Refrain from smoking near the solvent. All electrical items and switches should be unplugged or switched off to prevent any possible sources of ignition.

2. Use in Open Area

You should always use turpentine in an open, fully ventilated area due the poisonous gases it releases, which can cause health problems when inhaled. The vapors can also have adverse effects on the eyes, so make sure you wear goggles, as well as a mask and gloves to protect your skin. If your work area has exhaust fans remember to check that they are explosion proof and ensure the vapours keep out of any ventilation systems.

3. Be Aware of Spillages

Try to avoid spilling turpentine. Some types of rubber and plastic can be dissolved by turpentine, as well as areas of paint that you are not wishing to strip.

4. Keep away from Pregnant Women and Children

Pregnant women and children should be kept well away from the work area, since inhaling the fumes can cause severe health problems for both mother and child. Turpentine should also be kept out of reach of children to prevent accidental swallowing.