Qualities To Look For in Interior Bifold Doors

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Bifold doors are often used as closet doors, but there are other places where they are useful as well. Closets often have wide openings that give access to long hanger rods and shelves. Bifold doors open without taking up too much space in the room. Two panels on each side fold open. They have a track mounted above them in the door opening, and sometimes below also. This keeps the door in place. A floor L bracket on the bottom of each side allows the doors to pivot open. These doors can be used anywhere there is a wide opening, even to separate two rooms that have an opening between them that is too wide for a regular door.


Bifold doors come in a wide variety of styles and colors. Some have the look of solid wood, and these come in either hollow core or solid core models. Hollow core doors are lighter, less expensive, and easier to install.

Solid core doors have veneer over particle board or some other manufactured wood. There are even doors with steel cores. The tracks and other hardware for these doors have to be the right strength for the weight of the doors.

Louvered doors have slats that let some light and ventilation through. They are also light and easy to install. Some bifold doors have glass panels in them.


Prices of bifold doors range from economical to astronomical. Price is an important consideration, but it is best to choose the best quality in the desired price range. These doors need to work reliably and look good for many years.


Many people have had experience with bifold doors that get stuck or come out of their tracks. The doors may be difficult to open or have to be left in one position. The tracks and hardware have improved greatly over the years. Look for doors with a good warranty. The wood should not warp or be susceptible to mold. The hardware should be able to hold the weight of the doors. Changing from hollow core to solid core doors involves changing the hardware, too.

Bifold doors can be installed by anyone, but sometimes calling in a professional will result in a better quality of the installation. Floors are not always level, and doorways may have shifted in older homes.


Finding bifold doors that fit the look of the room should be fairly easy. There are a number of manufacturers who make them. Simple wood doors for a closet, or nice glass-paneled doors that lead into a dining room, or doors for almost any other need can be found. Inexpensive, plain doors don't have to be bland. They can be transformed with paint, fabric, or wallpaper. Get creative to make doors that fit any decor.

The humble bifold door, which folds to open a wide space without taking up much room, can be simple or fancy, plain or colorful. Good quality, good-looking doors should last for many years.