4 Reasons to Consider Guest Room Day Beds

Guest rooms provide a private space where visitors can store their gear and find quiet time and sleep. Here are 4 quick reasons to consider a day bed for your guest room.

Fits Décor

Day beds lend themselves to any décor. There is a day bed that will fit your lifestyle or any theme you may want to apply to your guest room.


Though the trundle bed is optional, it is a wise move to purchase one as a companion to your day bed. With the trundle bed stowed away, the day bed can be dressed up to use as a sofa or dressed down to use as a twin bed. The trundle bed can be used as a twin bed on its own allowing two individuals to sleep separately in the same room or it can be used alongside the day bed to make a queen-sized bed for a couple.


The trundle bed provides added versatility by allowing you to quickly and easily convert your guest room into another use.


Unlike hide-a-beds, day beds use a normal, every day twin mattress suspended on a spring bound mesh.  This means that your guests will not have to cope with sleeplessness due to a support bar spanning their back(s).