4 Reasons to Have a Raised Bed

Popular in European design, the raised bed is usually constructed of wood. The surface of the platform is constructed of closely placed slats to hold the mattress. A platform bed can be raised to any elevation to accommodate design and space-saving needs. The additional storage space provided by an elevated bed is the most advantageous aspect of the design. Everything from shelves and drawers, to having the ability to use the space under the raised bed for a desk or closet space is possible with a properly designed raised bed. The only problem that may be encountered with the platform construction is that it will provide an extremely firm support, which is not preferred by all people.

1. Storage

Typically, a raised bed is used in smaller spaces to allow for greater storage area. In tight living quarters, every square inch saved is cause for celebration. With proper planning, the raised bed can be used to store clothes or exercise equipment. The myriad of storage options, either drawers or shelves, reduces clutter throughout the room. Items that would normally be either left out, crammed in a dresser drawer or pushed into a closet will now have their own spot. Another advantage to platform beds is that because of their construction, with tightly fitted slats, debris is less likely to find its way to the stored items.

2. Increased Floor Space

An extremely high platform bed can be used as a means of opening up floor space. This method is generally employed in college dorm rooms or very small efficiency apartments (in lieu of a ‘Murphy’ bed). With the bed raised to ‘top’ bunk level, you can actually use the freed-up floor space for a desk or a futon for additional seating/sleeping accommodations. In a very small apartment or efficiency, it is even possible to create a dining area under a properly raised bed. It would even be a great area to create closet-type storage under a high-rise platform bed.

3. Room Layout

By using a raised platform bedroom layout options are increased. If you opt for the raised bed with storage incorporated into the design, you will not need the additional clutter of dressers. In older homes with very small bedrooms and little closet space, platform bed with drawers will allow for addition of an armoire to provide closet space. You can also opt for platforms with shelves built-in and reduce clutter that otherwise has no place for storage.

4. Economics

Platform, or raised beds, do not require a box spring to support the mattress. This can result in incredible savings and allow you to purchase a more expensive mattress. Additionally, if you opt for a drawer base for your raised bed, the expense of an entire bedroom set is eliminated. Depending on the height of the platform, multiple design layouts are possible. A smaller raised bed can provide a single drawer for a child’s toy collection or out-of-season toys, eliminating the expense of a toy box or other storage needs.