4 Reasons to Have a Vinyl Pergola

A vinyl pergola.

Planning your exterior landscaping could include the use of a vinyl pergola to provide not only some shade but act functionally as well. Outdoor pergolas can provide a focal point in your landscape design or act as an accessory. The function can be a key element for including a structure to be used as a garden pergola, for instance, possible to house an outdoor hot tub. Garden pergolas can range in sizes from a few square feet to 10 or 20 feet in dimension. Pergolas, generally, are made from wood, metal, or vinyl. Vinyl is a preferred choice because it will provide a number of advantages the other construction materials cannot.

1. Simplicity

Vinyl pergolas, when purchased as kits, make it an afternoon DIY project. A vinyl pergola kit will have all the pieces pre-cut, pre-drilled, and clearly marked for its proper placement. The kit will be accompanied with an easy to follow step-by-step installation guide that will make use of photos that depict how the structure will look as assembly progresses. The instructions will also have clear illustrations of all the individual parts and hardware that will make identification easier as well.

2. Style and Color

Pre-cut and pre-drilled vinyl pergola kits also are available in many designs, shapes, and sizes. Your color choice will also be quite extensive and most likely similar to choices available to homeowners when choosing vinyl siding. In fact, manufacturers of vinyl products more than likely produce both. In the event you do have vinyl siding on your home, you will probably be able to match the color of your vinyl pergola to compliment your chosen home color. Styles are also a varied choice that can be matched to your chosen décor. You can choose from modern, contemporary, country, elegant, or Victorian to match your home architecture. Designs are available for size and function such as a deck pergola, or a garden pergola, designed to hang plants and accept clinging and climbing vines.

3. Maintenance

Vinyl can be maintenance friendly if ample and necessary attention is paid. Unlike metal or wood that get beaten by the elements, a well finished vinyl exterior will hold up much better. Frequent washings with clean water may be the only “cleansing” requirement. Accumulated dirt and grime on vinyl surface areas are a lot easier to remove with soft scrubbing and a mild detergent.

4. Accessories

A vinyl pergola is an excellent choice to personalize and accessorize your home. Since the structure is solid treated pine which is covered by a vinyl coating, added wood items like battens, trellises, and lattice work can easily be applied to personalize your outdoor pergola.