4 Rental Tips for a Ceramic Tile Cutter

Buying a ceramic tile cutter can be quite costly, so if you are planning to use this tool only once, it would be better for you to just rent the tool. To help you get the most out of your money when renting a ceramic tile cutter, here are some tips for you.

Determine How Much Time You Will Need

Before you go out there and rent a ceramic tile cutter, you should first determine how much time you need to accomplish your project. Make a list of the tasks you need to complete using the cutter and then allocate specific amount of time for each one.If you only need the ceramic tile cutter for a few jobs, you should rent the cutter on an hourly basis. If, however, you are working on a big project and you need the cutter for several occasions, you can opt to rent the cutter on a daily basis. Some rental companies give discounts to customers who rent on a long term basis, so do not hesitate to ask for discounts especially if you are planning to rent the cutter for more than a day.

Choose the Date When You Will Use the Cutter

After determining the amount time you need to use the cutter, determine the dates of the actual rental. If you only have time to work on your project during weekends, schedule your rental dates on the weekends. To save money, try to schedule all your tile cutting activities for one day. There will be times when the tile cutter of your choice will not be available on your chosen date, so be sure to have backup dates when making your reservations at the rental company. Call the rental company for reservations days or even weeks before your desired dates to ensure that the tile cutter is available when you need it. Also, ask the rental companies if they can give you discounts. Some companies rent their tools at lower prices on specific days, so take the time to check out these dates. You will be surprised at how much money you can actually save if you rent the cutter on these special days.

Check the Rental Company’s Policies

You should read the company’s rental policy when you rent a ceramic tile cutter. When reading the company’s rental policy, pay close attention to the minimum and maximum hours of usage, the basic charges and the additional fees you can incur. Also, make it a point to get a copy of the product manual of the ceramic tile cutter. Remember that most companies charge fines and penalties on damages sustained by the ceramic tile cutter while in your hands, so be sure to know how to properly handle the cutter to avoid damages.

Compare Prices

Before you rent a ceramic tile cutter it would be a good idea for you to shop around and compare prices first. Go for the company that offers the best price with the fewest restrictions.