4 Safety Concerns when Building a Gyrocopter

Invented in the early 1920s, a gyrocopter is similar to small helicopters; it can generate lift using a set of spinning rotor blades. Although gyros can’t take off and land vertically, they are still fascinating to watch and have been enjoyed as a great outdoor activity for kids. Grownups also hold gyrocopter races with their friends. Gyrocopter enthusiasts say that these little flying machines have many excellent qualities; one of which is affordability. Moreover, gyros are mechanically simple and do not involve complicated wirings and technologies; even kids can build them.

You can buy ready-made gyros in the market and start flying around as soon as possible. But if you want to build your own gyrocopter, make sure that you follow directions that are provided in the manufacturer’s manual very carefully. Furthermore, it is vital to observe safety concerns when building your own gyrocopter to ensure safe and accident free flying.


Of course, safety is your main priority when building your gyrocopter so make sure to buy the kit from a reputable manufacturer or supplier. The best way to build your own gyrocopter is by obtaining a gyrocopter kit from the market. A gyrocopter kit may be priced as low as $7,000 to as high as $30,000. Always buy quality products instead of cheaper ones; these tend to have substandard parts. Search online for a reputable gyrocopter supplier and consider several factors such as the price and quality. Once you get your kit, inspect all the parts for any damage. It is also important to check if all the parts are included. One of your potential nightmares when building your gyrocopter is to find out there are missing parts half-way through the process.

Wear Protective Clothing

Assembling the parts together requires using several tools that are potentially dangerous such as electric drills, super glues, cutters and more. Make sure to wear gloves when using these tools for safety purposes. You may also have to wear protective shield for when you need to weld various parts together.

Have a Construction Log

It may sound absurd but having a diary of your gyrocopter construction definitely helps a lot during the process. In fact, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requires you to have your own construction log not only for abiding with the rules, but also for safety measures. The construction log not only helps you look back on what you accomplished, but it also contains all work time and photos during the construction process.

Make the Rotor Solid

In order to avoid malfunctions and accidents, make sure to keep the rotor strong. Keep in mind that a gyrocopter is powered by a propeller in order to fly. It may have a propeller on top, but the rotor is the most important thing to keep an eye on when building one. When using metal models, regular glues are not enough to make the rotors solid and strong. The best thing to use for metals is super glue. Aside from being super strong, it is also cheaper compared to plastic glue.