4 Safety Tips to Remember When Adding a Faux Finish to a Garage Door

A faux finish is simply a type of finish that resembles another product. In other words, you can paint walls to look like metal, wood, marble and even paper. You can apply a faux finish using a number of methods, techniques and procedures to nearly any surface that will accept paint. Even some surfaces that are not readily painted can be prepared in such a way that you could cover them with a faux finish. Most surfaces are easily painted, but a garage door requires some special treatment. The following article will help to lay out several of these safety concerns for when you apply a faux finish to a garage door.

Take the Door Material into Consideration

A garage door can be one of 3 materials: wood, metal or vinyl. Others might be made with a composite green material much like that seen in decks. The metal typically used to make garage doors is aluminum, which is fairly difficult to paint. Many are molded with wood grain details and are often prepared to be white or brown. A metal door should be stripped down, sanded to force a texture and primed before you can apply the faux finish. Wood doors are different, though they can usually be painted over. Vinyl is molded in the color you have, so you can not strip a color, but you can add color by adding a texture to it and a primer.

Both Sides

When you make steak or chicken you do not season only one side, do you? The same applies to applying a faux finish to garage doors. Never apply a faux finish to just one side and not do something to the other side of the garage doors. This is not to look pretty for you but to create a guard against water exposure from the leaves of the garage which can allow water to gain access to the garage doors. Water can pool behind the garage doors and damage them from behind.

Cover Mechanical Parts

When you paint anything there is a very good chance that you'll be getting paint where you don't want it to go. The techniques used to create a faux finish involve more frenetic ways of applying paint than just using a roller or brush. Paint that gets inside the inner workings of the garage door can cause serious problems. Before you begin your faux finish project always cover the gears and tubes with plastic bags when working on the inside of the garage doors.

Never Forget to Tape

We're used to taping the edges of walls and a garage door is no different. Apply tape where the doors space apart and the top and bottom. This will prevent paint from getting in and drying making opening the door difficult.