4 Sandbox Design Ideas

For young children, the sandbox is one of the most popular backyard additions a family can have. The hours of play and interaction that they can engage in are priceless. The beautiful thing about sandboxes is that they are quite simple and cost-effective to make. Sandboxes can also be made from reclaimed and recycled materials. In this article we will offer some easy sandbox design ideas to offer your children and their friend’s hours of fun. 

Idea #1 - Using an Old Tire

Old tractor tires make ideal sandboxes. They are large, spacious and easy to make. The tire simply lays flat on the ground while the sand is placed in the middle. By filling the center with sand and leaving a few inches available at the top, the children will also have a comfortable place to sit while they are playing. The tractor tire sandbox is great for several reasons. They are easily removed once the children outgrow them and the environment benefits from the fact that you are reusing something that would ordinarily be sitting in a landfill site or junkyard. 

Idea #2 - The Traditional Wooden Box

Wooden sandboxes allow for a lot of flexibility. The designs can be shaped and altered to accommodate a wide variety of spaces and sizes. Reclaimed lumber is ideal for a wood sandbox. It is also significantly less expensive than purchasing from a lumber yard or DIY store. Wood also allows for creativity. Additional planks can be added along the side for benches or a small box can be attached for the storage of toys. Wood will start to wear in inclement weather so treating it is highly recommended particularly if the box is going to be used for a few years. 

Idea #3 - The Plastic Sandbox

Plastic sandboxes come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and are perfect for the busy family that just doesn’t have time to create a more extravagant model. They are available at most toy stores and also through many online sources. Plastic sandboxes offer the convenience of being ready-made and the flexibility of designs that are already prepared. 

Plastic sandboxes also stand up to the elements quite well so additional treating won’t be required. The only real drawback to a plastic sandbox is deciding what will happen to it when your children outgrow it. Look into recycling possibilities or passing it onto another family with small children. 

Idea #4 - The Sand Table

For those that lack space or would like their children to enjoy the sand box experience all year round, why not try a sand table? A sand table is small version of a sand box that is rested on legs. The children can stand around it to play but chairs can be placed around it to add to comfort if required. Sand tables are ideal for families that have limited back yard space. Families that live in apartments can also use limited spaces to use a sand table.  

The sandbox is still one of the best play options for children. They are simple and inexpensive to make and can be created from many different materials.