4 Signs of a Bad Fuel Injector

Fuel Injector

If your vehicle has been getting poor gas mileage or exhibiting strange engine noises, you may be dealing with a bad fuel injector. Below is a list of things to watch out for if you suspect your car's fuel injector is having problems.

1 - You're Getting Lackluster Gas Mileage

Low gas mileage is one of the most common indicators of a bad fuel injector. While lackluster gas mileage can be symptomatic of a wide variety of vehicular problems, make a point of taking your car directly to a mechanic if the vehicle's gas mileage has been noticeably lower than usual.

2 - Your Vehicle's RPM Sporadically Alternates

Another key sign of a bad fuel injector is sporadically alternating RPM. So, if your car's engine begins to randomly fluctuate between high and low revolutions per minute (RPM), this may very well be due to a flawed fuel injector.

3 - You've Noticed Leaking Fuel

Leaking fuel is another telltale sign of a faulty fuel injector. Problematic fuel injectors have a tendency to crack, so if you smell or catch sight of a fuel leak, it's fair to assume that the fuel injector is to blame.

4 - Your Car's Engine Doesn't Idle Properly

If you've noticed that your vehicle's engine makes strange noises or sputters while idling, be aware that this is often indicative of a bad fuel injector.