4 Signs of a Bad Fuel Pump Relay

If your vehicle's engine has been exhibiting start-up problems or failing to run at peak proficiency, you may be dealing with a bad fuel pump relay. Below are a number of telltale signs that your car's fuel pump relay is acting up.

1.) The Engine Stops Shortly After Start-Up

One of the most common signs of a problematic fuel pump relay is an engine that stops running shortly after being started. Alternatively, if your car, while sufficiently fueled, has ever come to full stop when being driven, the problem most likely stems from the fuel pump relay.

2.) Your Car's Engine Refuses to Start

While this problem may be caused by a variety of different factors, a faulty fuel pump relay can often prevent your vehicle from starting. Should you experience this problem, make sure to have the car looked at immediately for a proper diagnosis.

3.) Lack of Start-Up Sound

Although the exact nature and frequency of the sound differs from car-to-car, you should generally be able to hear your vehicle's fuel pump relay in action upon starting up your vehicle. If you suddenly find yourself unable to hear it, this could indicate a problem.

4.) Your Vehicle Involuntarily Slows Down

Another clear sign of a bad fuel pump relay is a car that suddenly begins to slow down without any provocation from the driver. So, if your vehicle ever randomly slows down while being driven, it is recommended that you take it to a mechanic immediately. In some cases, the car is liable to stop entirely, leading to disastrous results.