5 Signs of a Bad Throttle Position Sensor

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If you've recently been having any stalling or acceleration problems with your vehicle, you may have a faulty throttle position sensor on your engine. In your vehicle, the throttle position sensor reads the position of the gas pedal and reports it to the engine control unit. This unit uses the information to then control the rest of the throttle body, which is an important part of the car’s fuel control system. Without a functioning sensor, the ratio of the engine’s air-fuel mixture will be compromised, and the car will have problems running smoothly.

Below are several key signs of a bad throttle position sensor.

1. Delayed Acceleration

One of the telltale signs of throttle position sensor problems is slightly delayed acceleration. If you notice a delay between the time you press on the gas pedal and the time the vehicle actually accelerates, take the car directly to a mechanic. Additionally, if you vehicle tends to stumble during acceleration, a bad throttle position sensor is likely the cause.

2. Random Stalling

Another clear sign of a bad throttle position sensor is random stalling, occurring regardless of whether your vehicle is idling or being driven. Stalling can mean other problems, of course, but if this happens in conjunction with any of the other symptoms, or if it becomes a regular occurrence with your vehicle, it will need to be looked at.

3. Speed Increases

If you notice that your vehicle increases speed on its own, particularly when being driven on a highway, immediately take it to a mechanic, as this is a fairly straightforward sign of a bad throttle position sensor.

4. Problems Switching Gears

If a throttle position sensor isn’t properly reporting the accelerator position, then there can be issues switching gears as you speed up or slow down. Alone, this could mean a faulty transmission and costly repairs, but if you have already noticed acceleration issues, you can be confident this is a throttle position sensor problem instead.

5. Lit Up Service Light

A check engine light can obviously mean any number of things, but one of the potential reasons for it lighting up is a faulty throttle position sensor. If you have a way of reading the cause of the light, you can do so, but should this happen, it’s always recommended to immediately take your vehicle to a mechanic in order to confirm the problem. While a malfunctioning sensor does not necessarily mean your car will explode while driving, it is still a potential danger to you and the rest of your vehicle if repairs are not made quickly.