4 Signs You Have Attic Mold

Attic mold can cause you, family and pets to become ill. Attic mold can also damage the home. What follows are several signs that attic mold is present in your home.

Look for Colored Spots

When you go to the attic, look around the area for spots that seem out of place. They would appear to be brown, green, orange or white. Attic mold that is dark gray or black is typically toxic and spreads very fast.

Scents in the Attic

All types of mold give off some sort of smell. This odor is often musty and can take on the scent of urine. If you have ever left wet newspaper sitting around for a day or more it takes on a distinct smell. This is what most attic mold will smell like.


Attics are often dark and mold loves cool and dark places. Black attic mold is especially feisty. You can tell if you have black attic mold by the pattern it makes as it spreads. It generally forms a near perfect circle or crescent moon shape.


Metal can often become discolored and take on characteristics of attic mold. Mold will only grow on material that it can feed off of like wood and newspapers.