4 Slate Pool Table Repair Tips

Perhaps you have a slate pool table in your home. Pool games have remained one of the most popular past-times over the years. This is why you’re sure to find a pool table in many homes. Slate is a commonly used material on pool tables. It is a resilient and attractive stone that helps to produce some of the most durable pool tables. However, with time and usage, even a slate pool table will show signs of wear and tear. This is commonly manifested by cracks in the slate underneath the felt. Holes may also be evident on the slate surface. However, a few tips can help you repair your pool table and restore its attractiveness.

1.   Detach the Felt

It is easier to attend to repairs once you’ve separated the felt from the table. This enables you to undertake repairs more comprehensively. A socket wrench comes in handy. Remove the bolts that attach the rails to the table. Once you’ve removed the rails, you can remove the staples that attach the felt to the table. Use a staple puller or screwdriver with a flat head to remove the staples. Put the staples aside carefully rather than drop them onto the floor. If stepped upon, they could injure somebody. Attend to repairs as shown below. Once you’ve completed repair, you can reinstall the felt with the help of a staple gun and attach the rails.

2.   Beeswax

You need to inspect the slate to determine the extent of cracks. Use beeswax to fill fine cracks and small chips in the slate. Hold a beeswax stick about 4 inches over the crack. Melt the wax with a small portable propane torch. Allow the wax to drip inside the crack. Slate requires plenty of wax to bond effectively. Once the wax has cooled, use a paint scraper to remove the excess wax.

3.   Billiard Table Wax

You may prefer to use billiard table wax. It contains resin which hardens more than beeswax and gives you more durable results. Billiard table wax also works better for larger cracks and holes. Apply billiard table wax in the same way as the beeswax. Once you’ve completed application and scraped excess wax, wipe the slate with a damp sponge or cloth. Billiard table wax is also effective when you have to seal loose seams on your slate pool table.

4.   Slate Repair Glue

For more extensive cracks, it is best to use slate repair glue. It has a thick consistency, which helps to bond slate effectively. Apply this inside the crack on both sides. Push the 2 separate sides of the slate firmly together. Hold together for a while, so the glue can bond the separate pieces of slate. Some glue is likely to seep out of the crack due to the pressure of the slate being pushed together. Let the glue dry, after which you can smooth it down with a piece of sandpaper.