4 Steps to Treat a Scratch on a Car

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  • 2-6 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 25-50

A scratch on a car can be extremely irritating to the owner of the vehicle. Deep scratches especially are a nuisance to get rid of. It can appear to ruin the entire integrity of that panel of the vehicle which received the damage. Simple surface scratches can be quite easily hidden, but dealing with a deeper scar is more work.

Step 1 - Sand

To begin repairing a deep scratch on your vehicle, use wet/dry sandpaper, fine grit, to remove excess roughness caused by the device that scratched the car. Sand inside the scratch by folding the wet/dry sandpaper into a crease.

Step 2 - Wipe

Wipe the area with a clean lint-free cloth, dipped in water and then dry the area with a dry cloth. Rid it of any surface dirt on or around the scratch.

Step 3 - Repair

If the scratch is excessively deep you can use a tiny amount of body filler in the scratched area, just rub it in with your fingers and wipe with a soft damp cloth to smooth it out. Once the filler has dried, use wet/dry again, but wet it this time to smooth the whole area.

Step 4 - Touch Up

Use touch-up paint to cover the scratch mark. Some touch-up paints come looking like marker pens, especially for small chips and scratches. Draw in the paint with the marker tube and leave it to dry. Apply again if it’s needed.