4 Storage Ideas for Your Kitchen Storage Cabinet

A kitchen storage cabinet can be an incredibly useful storage feature. The secret of excellent storage is to make the most of what you have and this can take some organization. A kitchen cabinet is a features that is usually against the wall, either above or below the counter. A freestanding feature in the middle of the kitchen is known as a kitchen island while a separate area for dry goods is a kitchen pantry.

1. Food

If you use just one kitchen storage cabinet for your foodstuffs, they’ll all be conveniently in one place. Organize the cabinet by shelves with cans or jars grouped on one shelf with packets and other items stored on another shelf. This way, if a can or jar leaks slightly, it won’t end up contaminating packets.

Use contact paper on the shelves to make cleaning easier in the event of a spill. You can create more space by having fresh vegetables and fruit in a series of hanging baskets attached to the ceiling. This can actually be better for fruit and vegetables since it allows air to circulate around the items while giving you more room in the kitchen storage cabinet.

2. Pots and Pans

Every kitchen accumulates a variety of pots, pans and colanders. Put all of these in their own kitchen cabinet where they are easy to access but also out of the way. If your kitchen space is extremely limited, you can put pot hangers on the wall. These are usually attached to a rail which has a shelf above it for pot lids. This keeps pans close to hand and offers room in the kitchen storage cabinet.

3. Small Kitchens

With very small kitchens where kitchen storage space is tight, you’ll have to make choices over what goes into the cabinet. You should always choose food items first. It will keep your dry goods out of the way of animals, children and any bugs that might be in your kitchen.

You will usually have hazardous materials in your kitchen. These also need to be in a kitchen storage cabinet and are usually kept under the sink. Where you don’t have that luxury, keep them away from the kitchen and food items. Find other places like a garage or storage shed that are not accessible to either children or pets.

4. Make the Most of Space

You can maximize the space in your kitchen storage cabinet by adding extra shelves that can double the amount of space you have in your kitchen cabinet. You can also hang shelves behind the door of your kitchen storage cabinet if you have the room. This can give vital extra space for your items. This type of shelving easy to find and relatively cheap. The benefits they offer can be massive, especially where you have very little kitchen storage cabinet space.

Remember that you can also store items on top of your kitchen cabinets if there’s room below the ceiling.