4 Storm Door Replacement Parts To Keep Handy

If you have a storm door, there are three storm door replacement parts that you want to keep on hand. These parts are self-closers, latches and locks, and screens or glass.

Door Self Closers

The self closers on a storm door often go out of alignment and don’t close properly. They many need to be replaced entirely, or the chain may need to be adjusted on them. Sometimes, all that is needed is an adjustment to the speed closing control on the pneumatic devise, but other times it is more complicated. Regardless, you will want to have this items on hand should a repair come unexpectedly.

Door Latches and Locks

The latch is an essential item on your door; it prevents the door from slamming and provides insulation for your home. Having a couple latches handy is a great idea in order to accommodate repairs they arise. Most of the time, the locks are attached to the latches, so it’s necessary to replace them when you replace the latch. So, having extra locks around will also be beneficial when you'll need to do repairs.

Screen or Glass

Screens and glass in the storm door are very susceptible to damage. Because these are more fragile materials, they may need to be replaced a bit more frequently. Thus, having replacement screens and glass on hand will allow to replace them quickly and have the door fully functional.