4 Things to Know about Truck Brake Rotors

Brake Rotors

Truck brake rotors are larger than the brake rotors of regular cars. The reason for this is so they can absorb the greater heat and friction that is produced by the large mass of the trucks. Also, truck brake motors contain more material than lighter weight brake rotors; this allows more area for pads to generate friction and for heat to be distributed faster. Read on for more information about truck brake rotors.

The Slotted-Only Type is Best for Truck Brake Rotors

Brake rotors come in different sizes and styles, but the slotted type is highly recommended for extreme usage. It gives the highest amount of total braking surface with an increase in the initial bite. It is typically used for trucks and racing.

Immediate Repair is Crucial

Truck brake rotors function by slowing down the truck; if they are faulty, the truck will not be able to easily and safely be brought to a full stop. There is no room for any malfunctions, however small, in the braking system. Fully functional truck brake rotors are the key to a safe brake system. It is the first part of the brake system which needs to do its function to assure that the entire system will not fail.

Make sure that your brake rotor is always at its best condition. When you notice a slight problem, check it immediately and repair it if necessary. Maintenance and repair of the brake rotor will ensure that you will arrive to your destination and decrease your risk of involving yourself in an accident.

When to Replace Your Brake Rotor

With the amount of stress undergone by truck brake rotors, there will come a time that it will need to be replaced. Each brake rotor has a “worn rotor minimum thickness” limit. For regular brake rotors, reaching the limit is tolerable but for truck brake rotors, replacement must be done before reaching the limit. This is due to the extreme pressure it suffers.

The value of the “worn rotor minimum thickness” limit is seen in the edge of the brake disc. When you know the limit of your brake rotor, you must compare it with the current measurement of your rotors; if your rotors current thickness is only a fraction of an inch away from the limit then you have to replace it with a new one. When you change your brake rotor, decide if your brake pads also need to be replaced.

Brands of Brake Rotors

Brake rotors are critical in your brake system. Therefore, you need a brake rotor that is of high quality and that will last for a long time. There are two brands that stand out in the market: Brembo and Power Slot. Brembo Truck Brake Rotors are well respected for being of high quality; Brembo has been producing brake rotors for quite some time. Brembo fuses the newest technologies to produce premium rotors. Their products also come with a good warranty.

Power Slot Brake Rotors boasts that their product ensures maximum safety and is produced to withstand more pressure for a longer period of time compared to the other brands. Many truck drivers use this brand of rotor. There are other brands that work well too; ultimately, you must remember, that your brake system is critical and safety matters more than the cost of the brake rotors.