4 Tips for Applying Shower Tile Grout

You may find that applying shower tile grout is necessary as part of a bathroom refurbishment or when you are undertaking tile repair. To ensure that the result is as you want, it will be necessary to use the correct steps. By implementing some tips during the application process, you can ensure that the project is completed correctly.

1 – Dividers  

The space between the tiles will need to be uniform to create a decent design and a polished end look. To achieve this, it is necessary to make use of dividers during the fitting of the tiles. These will help to keep the tiles properly positioned, especially when the tiles are on a vertical surface as they can prevent them from slipping. These will often take the form of small plastic crosses that will be placed in the cross junctions between the tiles. The shower tile grout will be applied atop the divider so that it cannot be seen.

2 – Mixture

When mixing shower tile grout yourself, you must ensure that you follow the instructions carefully to ensure it is the right consistency. Only use as much water as directed as deviating from this can lead to grout that crumbles away or slips from the gap before it cures.

Make sure the grout is mixed thoroughly to avoid any lumps and to ensure it is an even color. For this same reason, avoid using different brands of grout for one project. Use the grout as quickly as possible to avoid it from drying, but mix a new batch in the event that it does dry up.        

3 – Technique

Choose a tool that is close to the size of the gap in which the shower tile grout is being applied. This will ensure that it is not spread out over a wider area than necessary, which will enable it to be localized to the gap. A putty knife with a rounded edge will help to keep the application neat, creating a smooth edge. This will allow you to apply the grout and smooth it at the same time with the use of only one tool. Your technique must involve gradually filling the gaps between the tiles until it all reaches the same level.

Decide from the outset whether you want the grout to be concave or level with the surface of the tiles. Start at the upper end of the tiled wall of the shower and gradually work your way down. Whether using a putty knife, a scraper or a sponge, smoothly slide it downward when applying or wiping to achieve a clean result.

Step 4 – Finish

Clean up any errant grout on the tile by gently wiping it away with sponge that has been dampened with water; do not use it when soaking with water. After the shower tile grout has been applied, leave it to cure for at least 24 hours without disturbing it. You must take particular care to avoid getting it wet, which can affect the quality of the grout.