Installing Blown In Insulation

Follow the tips below when applying your blown in insulation.

1 - Wear Protective Gear

Wear the following protective gear when installing insulation: a dust mask, safety goggles, a long-sleeve shirt, and work gloves. These will prevent the insulation particles from getting into your lungs and eyes and irritating your skin.

2 - Use an Insulation Blower

An insulation blower looks like a vacuum cleaner but works by blowing air instead of sucking. The insulation material is loaded into the insulation blower and is blown through a large, flexible pipe. If you do not have an insulation blower, you can rent one.

3 - Find a Helper

To blow insulation most effectively, you must do it continuously. Ask a friend to load the receiving bin located at the back of the insulation blower while you are controlling the flexible pipe.

4 - Measure Your Working Area

Before purchasing the insulation materials, measure your working area to ensure that you have enough. To determine the square footage, multiply the length and the width of the room.