4 Tips for Cleaning a Steam Shower Unit

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A steam shower unit heats water to create vapor in the shower. The steam that is produced surrounds the user’s body and essentially does what a normal shower does. A steam shower unit combines all of the benefits of a steam sauna and a typical shower. They are often added to a normal shower and can be turned on or off at the whim of the user. Every shower needs cleaning, regardless of whether it uses steam or a continuous flow of water. The article that follows will share some tips on how to properly clean a steam shower unit.

Calcium Remover

Calcium is often the culprit of a clogged shower head or steam nozzle. Hard water is fairly common. Once the water has evaporated, calcium deposits are left behind. The nozzle of a steam shower unit or shower head can easily become clogged with these deposits.

You will notice a white, chalky substance around the metal that resembles barnacles on a boat. A calcium remover should be used periodically, even if there are no visible signs. Fill a small bowl with it and let the nozzle sit in it for several minutes before wiping it and running the water for a few seconds.

Power Push

A steam shower unit that is installed to a normal shower has a unit on the outside of the casement. It can be under a sink, outside the home, or in a cupboard. They come equipped with the ability to completely flush the system. This routine maintenance is performed to ensure that the steam shower unit is working properly.

Open the unit from the back. There will be a button to push or a valve to turn. It with say either “push” or “flush,” so you know it is the correct button. Consult the manual beforehand. Press the button and wait several minutes for it to run its course.

Tire Cleaner

Many shower stalls have metal to secure doors, as well as showerheads and steam nozzles. They easily become covered with grime and dirt. You can clean the metal easily with tire cleaner or polish. Doing so prevents dirt and grime from sticking to the material. Merely spray it on a rag and buff the metal. When you are finished, wipe it with a fresh rag.

Mild Detergent

Soap scum, body oils, and grease are commonly found in showers. A steam shower unit does not prevent that. Cleaning the shower is a chore, but it has to be done every few weeks or you will wind up with mildew. An oil-free detergent is the key to cleaning the glass and the tile.

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