4 Tips for Cleaning Melamine Board

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  • 2-6 hours
  • Beginner
  • 5-20
What You'll Need
Mild dishwashing soap
White wine vinegar
Warm water
Paper towels
Empty spray bottles

If any of your home's melamine board cabinets, furniture or exterior siding has fallen victim to mold, mildew or excessive dirt, you may be curious about how to clean it. Fortunately, this durable, inexpensive alternative to lumber can be successfully cleaned with a few helpful tips.

1. Give Your Melamine Board a Preparatory Wiping

Before proceeding to tackle the cleaning process head-on, it is recommended that you give your dirty melamine board a preliminary wiping to remove any excess dust and/or non-caked-on dirt. To do this, simply wipe the board in a circular motion using a dampened sponge or washcloth. When carrying out this preparatory measure, make a point of being as thorough as possible. Keep in mind that the more dirt and debris you're able to remove now, the easier the remainder of the cleaning process will be. In some cases, this wiping may be enough to sufficiently clean a dirty melamine board.

2. Apply a Homemade Cleaning Solution

If a simple water washing failed to do the trick, you'll need to produce a simple, though highly effective, homemade cleaning solution. Inside of an empty spray bottle, combine warm water with mild dishwashing soap, then shake the bottle until your cleaning solution takes form. If you're trying to clean mold or mildew deposits off of melamine board, produce a cleaning solution of 1/4 white wine vinegar and 1 cup of warm water.

You will now need to vigorously spray your dirty melamine board with the newly formed solution and allow it to sit for 1 to 3 minutes. Once the cleaner has had ample time to set in, proceed to thoroughly wipe the board with a sponge or washcloth. Next, fill another spray bottle with warm water and use it to rinse off the cleaning solution. If any dirt, mold or mildew deposits remain, reapply your cleaning solution, wipe it down, then rinse it off once again. Be aware that you may need to repeat this process several times before your melamine board is completely clean.

3. Thoroughly Dry Your Melamine Board

After successfully removing all traces of dirt, debris, mold or mildew from your board, it is important that you give the freshly cleaned board a thorough drying. Using a dry sponge, washcloth or paper towel, take care to remove every last bit of moisture from the board. Failure to do this may result in the formation of mold or mildew deposits, particularly if you happen to live in a warmer climate.

4. Keep Your Board Clean

Now that you've administered a thorough cleaning to your board, you'll no doubt want to keep it nice and clean. To do this, it is recommended that you wipe the board down with a dampened sponge or washcloth, as outlined in the first tip, at least once a month. Also, as previously stated, take care to thoroughly wipe away any remaining traces of moisture once the wiping is completed.