4 Tips for Cutting Hardboard

A close-up of hardboard texture.

Hardboard has many applications in the interior of your house. Nowadays, hardboards are used for flooring, paneling, doors, cabinets, etc. Hardboards are also used in exterior applications such as siding. They can truthfully be used in any application where plywood is used, and they are much cheaper.

Since it has so many uses, you’ll need to be able to cut it and fix it according to your needs. Fortunately, it is very easy to cut hardboard and install it. Due to the smooth surface of the hardboard, it can be painted easily too, and the finishing is also good. Here are a few tips for cutting hardboard so you can get underway with your next DIY project.

1. Measure and Mark

Before cutting the hardboard, you must keep it on a stable platform so that it does not move. Take proper measurements of the space where you want to install it and then, using a measuring tape and a pencil, mark the same dimensions on the board. You can also use a sharp edge for marking. With hardboards, it is better to draw lines along both the edges. By doing so, it becomes easier to cut the board and line it up. Sometimes, the edges of the board aren’t consistent for many reasons, so it is better to cut them off.

Use Tape

If you are using a table saw, the torque generated by the blade of the saw can damage the board and rip off the edge. So while sawing, it is better to tape the part through which the blade will pass. The tape can absorb any extra vibration and save the hardboard from suffering damage. Put the tape on the reverse side of the marking and make sure it is smooth and lined up properly with the marking.

Attach to Particle Board When Using a Hand Saw

If you are using a hand saw to cut the board, it is better to mount the pieces on a particle board before you make a cut. If you try to saw it directly without any base, then the strokes of the hand saw can cause damage and make the hardboard useless. Do not nail it or screw it to the particleboard, as it cannot be detached easily. Use clamps instead. Particleboard is very easy to cut using a hand saw and also quite rigid, so it serves as the best baseboard option.

Cut in One Go

Hardboards are often damaged if you try to cut in installments. If you cut it in parts, there is a fair chance that the straight line will be distorted, which not only looks bad but can lead to cracks and splitting. So, once you have started cutting, do not stop. Cut your straight lines in one step each time.