4 Tips for Getting the Best Sound Quality from Kenwood Car Speakers

Your Kenwood car speakers are installed and they do sound good. But maybe they could sound better. Some simple tips can help you get the most out of your speakers.

Quality Cables

Ask any guitar player and he will tell that good quality cables deliver better sound. They will provide more power when you turn up the volume. They also help reduce any interference from your car’s electrical system.

Sound Deadening Material

You can add this to your door panel and it lowers any noise or rattles that interfere with the speaker’s output. It also reduces your car’s road noise so your sound system doesn’t have to be at top volume.


Add an amplifier. An Amplifier boosts the stereo’s audio output and directs it to the speakers. It is important to adjust the gain control on the amplifier properly. Turn the receiver volume up about three-quarters of the way and then turn the gain up until you hear some distortion. Back it down just a bit and that should be the correct setting.


To get the best sound from your speakers make sure the settings are right on your audio system. Tune it to the type of music you listen to most. Start at the lowest settings and turn them up until you hear distortion and then turn them down a notch. Refer to your manual for instructions for your specific system. As you listen to your system you will be able to tweak these to suit your taste.

Now you are ready for a road trip or at least ready to enjoy some decent music on your commute.