5 Tips for Installing a Window Air Conditioner Bracket

A window air conditioner outside of a brick building.

For most homes and offices, an air conditioner is one of the most essential appliances a person could have. Window air conditioners have many advantages and one of them is saving much-needed space by placing the unit on the wall. However, it needs support to keep it up there. Special brackets provide this support and hold the air conditioner in place.

Installing a window air conditioner bracket is not rocket science. It is very simple but some tips and tricks can be learned to make life easier for this part of the installation.

1. Check for Durability

Window air conditioner brackets are there to provide support for your air conditioning unit for as long as it’s being used. An air conditioner is an investment, and it only deserves the best bracket out there in the market. For you to be able to achieve a long term use of your unit, when choosing a bracket, you should check how durable it is. Cheap, flimsy materials will need replacement sooner rather than later, and if they fail abruptly, it could total your unit.

Your brackets should also be compatible with the size and the weight of your air conditioner to reduce the number of problems it might have otherwise. A bracket too small won't work at all, but something too big won't keep the unit tightly secured. Over time, even a little extra movement can have major consequences.

2. Provide Additional Support

Successfully installing a window air conditioner bracket does not end your job if you wish to ensure a long life for your unit. You have to be able to back the bracket for it to hold the AC properly. You can get a mounting kit to support your bracket from your local hardware store. By attaching it, you provide extra security to keep your AC unit from falling.

Also, it is advised that you make sure your screws are secured properly and as tightly as possible since a loose, squeaking bracket means it’s doing a poor job.

3. Reinforcement

Aside from having your air conditioner properly screwed into all the holes you have made with your drill, you should also consider having the air conditioning bracket firmly welded upon the steel frames of your windows if it’s going to be a permanent fixture of the room.

4. Fitting Check-up

Before even installing your air conditioner, first make sure that your bracket fits perfectly to the wall itself. This will prevent possible damage to your unit later as a result of too much movement.

5. Make Sure it's Burglar-safe

A lot of people take necessary safety measures when installing window units so that they are not caught unawares later. Before installing an AC bracket, make sure that the location for your hole is high enough that burglars can’t reach to push the unit through your window and break into your home. Also, when the air conditioner is placed higher, it regulates the temperature more efficiently compared to when it is too low.