4 Tips for Installing Lattice Panels

Lattice panels that are installed on your fence, patio or other locations in your house are a functional and attractive addition to your landscape. With a little knowledge and some tools, you can install them without professional help. The project can go faster though if you have a helper with you. You should also check with codes and ordinances that may be mandated in your locality. This is to ensure that you have the necessary permits to do the construction. It would not do to create an attractive construction and then have the authorities running after you for certain illegalities. Worse, you may be asked to tear down your installation.

1. Choosing Your Location

Before beginning the project, take a note of the fact that lattice panels come in 4 feet by 8 feet dimensions. Hence it would be necessary to choose the location of your construction first, so that you can measure the distance that will be spanned by the panels. This will allow you to have an idea on the number of panels that you will have to buy.

2. Safety Measures

It is always better to exercise caution so always wear the right protective gear if you are going to use power tools in the construction. Before cutting the panels, you should also remove any staples that may be found along the cut lines. If you are going to use your lattice panels to screen house equipment such as air conditioners, always leave enough room around the equipment to move around. This will allow you to do maintenance and repairs on the equipment later.

3. Painting the Lattice Panels

If you are going to paint your lattice panels, set them in a place that is convenient and separate all your materials. Lay them out so you can be more organized. Prime and paint the panels along with any bits of wood that you are going to use in well ventilated areas. To ensure that the primer and paint have dried sufficiently allow at least several hours for curing. If possible, do it overnight.

4. Setting Posts

Posts will be needed to support your lattice panels. Mark out the spots, making sure that each post is not more than 6 or 8 feet from the others. Dig the holes for your post and pour quick drying cement after you placed the post into the holes. This will hold them more securely in place. Measure the gaps between posts and cut the panels down to size to ensure a perfect fit. To connect several lattice panels together, use connecting strips. Once you are ready to attach the panels to the posts you have set up, set them up with the aid of your helper and secure them with nails.