4 Tips for Installing Sauna Speakers

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If you're considering installing sauna speakers, you should keep a few things in mind. Here are a few tips to help you through the installation process.

1. Get the Right Speakers

Before you even install speakers in your sauna, you want to make sure you found the right ones. Like your sauna lights, they'll need to be resistant to damage from moisture, to which they'll be regularly exposed. Electronics suppliers sell shower speakers that can also work for the sauna, but you want to make sure you test them out first or make sure they come with a warranty so that if they do wind up getting ruined by the sauna steam, you can replace them.

2. Install a Box

One thing that you may want to consider is not just installing the speakers but also mounting a box or case on the wall to protect the sauna speakers from the steam.

3. Pick a Location

The location of the sauna speakers is important because having them near the heater can cause problems. Not only can they wear out sooner if they are placed by the heater, but they may also be harder to hear if you have a heater that bubbles or cracks as the water goes over it. Place the sauna speakers in an area that is closer to the seating and further away from the heater. Consider mounting them to the ceiling and leaving the back open so you can access it.

Having a remote is the best way to operate a sound system in a sauna because you do not have to keep getting up to fix or change each compartment; you can operate them from one place.

4. Plan The Project

If you want to install speakers in the wall, you may want to plan the project beforehand to make sure it will not interfere with the working of the sauna overall. If you add holes in the wall, you need to make sure they are all covered so steam does not leak out. Also, you will want to check that the wires can be run where you want to place the speakers before you actually start drilling because you may not have long enough wires and will have to adjust accordingly.