4 Tips for Installing Vaulted Ceiling Lighting

A room with vaulted ceiling lighting.

The wrong vaulted ceiling lighting can work against the attractive architecture of your home. Dim lighting or no fixture at all can make the room appear smaller. If you are thinking of installing lighting in your vaulted ceiling, here are some tips to help you along.

1. Know the Bones

If there is currently no light fixture or electric running to the place where you would like to install your lighting, it is very important to know how your home was constructed. Are there hollow beams you can run your wires through, or a power source upstairs you can tap into? Are you going to have to tear out part of the walls or the ceiling to get electricity where you want it? Knowing this information will allow you to make the best choice as to the kind of lighting you want and the location of it.

2. An Enlightened Choice

Whether you are thinking pendant, chandelier, track, or recess lighting for the vaulted ceiling, they all have their benefits and their disadvantages. Consider that chandeliers generally have a lot of pieces that can collect dust. Hung up on a vaulted ceiling, they are hard to reach and clean. Pendant lighting is attractive, but does not provide much light. Recess lighting is a favorite these days, and does not require much maintenance, but installation can be difficult, and in order to provide adequate lighting, you will need to install several fixtures across the ceiling.

If simplicity is what you are aiming for, consider track lighting. Some of the newer kinds do not even require a power source on the ceiling but can run discretely down a wall to power. They are easy to clean and the lights can be adjusted as necessary.

3. Measure Your Success

Measure once and then measure again before you cut any holes or run any wires. Mark your measurements clearly on your ceiling and do a visual check that everything is where you want it to be. If you are installing recess lighting, you want to make sure all the lights will line up and be equally spaced. Pendant or chandelier lighting should be centered perfectly, as these lights will become a focal point in your room. Mistakes in measurements will become significantly more noticeable once your lights are installed, so measure a third time, just to be certain.

4. Check Your Electric

If you have never installed a light fixture before, installing one on a vaulted ceiling can be especially tricky. You may need to consult an electrician or pull up a how-to guide on doityourself.com. Make sure you cut power before you run any wires or install a light fixture, and use a voltage meter to avoid any accidents.

The right light in a room with a vaulted ceiling will emphasize the architecture and the size of the room. Using these tips to choose and install your lighting will ensure that your room receives a major upgrade in style and light.