4 Tips for Making a Color Car Wax Job Last Longer

Don't let a color car wax job last for just a few days. Read these tips to enjoy a shiny, beautiful car for weeks.

Tip 1 – Apply on Clean, Dry Surface

Clean the car before waxing. You don't want the small debris to abrade the car's surface when you wax it unwashed. Also, ensure that the car has been dried thoroughly before wax application. If not, the wax will just slide off the surface.

Tip 2 – Apply Triple Coats

Two coats are okay, triple coats are the best. More coats mean more protection. Before you buff, however, make sure you buff after each coat.

Tip 3 – Dry the Wax Before Buffing

Allow the wax to dry first before buffing. This ensures that the wax has penetrated and sealed the tiny pores of the car’s surface. Use buffing pads and a portable rotary tool if you have one. If you do not have these tools, micro fiber or terry towels will do.

Tip 4 – Park the Car in the Shade

When waxing your car, do this in the shade. Do the same when parking the car. Car wax's glossy compound degrades when it is exposed to sun's ultraviolet rays. Also, if a car with drying wax is left frying in the sun, it might result in stains on the car’s surface or worse, blister the paint.