4 Tips for Mixing Mineral Spirits

You can create a paint stripping liquid by mixing mineral spirits. However, you can also use mixed mineral spirits to create a strong metal stripper, and for thinning down other sources. Mixing mineral spirits is not something which should be done unprepared, so make sure that you are well protected before you begin to add anything to the mineral spirits. When you are mixing the fluid, it is a good idea to keep the windows and doors well ventilated, both during the mixing, and for a while afterwards.

Protect Yourself

Mineral spirits are used for stripping paint, and other substances, so they are clearly corrosive. Although mineral spirits are not as toxic as turpentine, it is still not something that you would want to ingest or inhale. While you are mixing them with another substance, you don't want to risk exposing yourselves to this dangerous liquid, so it is a good idea to take full precautions. You should firstly put on protective gloves. If using rubber gloves, wear 2 pairs in case one is perishable. You should also use a pair of protective goggles, and use a face mask. If any of these items become damaged during the mixing, replace them immediately, as it may leave you exposed. You should also mix mineral spirits outside, or in a well-ventilated room.

Use Disposable Containers

As well as dressing yourself in protective items, you should also be careful about the items that you use to assist you in mixing the substance. Use a clear plastic container such as a mixing bowl or tumbler, rather than trying to use a plastic pot or a measuring cup, which the other substance might have been bought in. Stir the liquid around with a glass rod, and then discard after you have finished, and also get rid of the pot in which the liquid has been mixed. You may also use the glass bottle which the mineral spirits is mixed with, but you should also discard this too.

Don't Use Too Much

Be careful about the amount that you mix in with the other substance. Mixing too much mineral spirits with paints may mean that it becomes too thin and watery. It is a good idea to measure out the mineral spirits carefully in a tumbler or other item. Add the mineral spirits to the other substance, rather than the other way around, and do so slowly, as this will prevent the spirits from becoming damaged.

Follow Instructions

If you are following instructions on mixing your mineral spirits with another substance, such as paint or linseed oil, then you should follow the details carefully, including any ratio quantities which you have been given. Following these instructions means that you should be able to mix the mineral spirits together with something else without causing too many problems for yourself.