4 Tips for Removing Bumper Protector Film

closeup sideview of a white car's bumper

Even though it is applied for the good of keeping scratches from marring the appearance sometimes you need to remove the bumper protector from the car. This will be because the car is either older and these finishes do not last forever. The effects of sun, salt or just weather can leave your car spotted and speckled it until it looks horrible. You can remove all the bumper protector film and make your car look better instantly.

1. Getting it off the Bumper

When you go to remove the film it needs to be taken off carefully so as not to cause it to strip and pull off in small pieces. You are going to want to start at the top corner and pull steadily and with a strong pull. When you get to the point where you can, use both hands and pull in an even tug. If it starts to tear apart, stop and get a grip on another part of the film to keep it from tearing any more.

2. Using Heat

The first thing that makes any type of covering easier to remove it heat. You can sit the car in the sun, if it is hot enough. Let it warm up really good. Then get a corner in your fingers or nails and see if it will pull easy or if breaks off. If it breaks off it is either so old it is brittle or it is not hot enough. You can use a heater, like you use to remove old tile flooring. Hold it on the edge of the film and heat it up for a few moments and then try to pull the film off again. This time you may need to grab it with some pliers. Don't try to pull it straight across but pull down on it to make it easier. Remember this is very very sticky stuff.

3. Using Chemicals

There are some chemicals that are special made for removing this type of materials. You can ask at your auto parts store for a recommended type. However after applying the chemical you are still going to have to try and pull it off. Read the label carefully to be sure it is not flammable or that it is okay to use a heater on it to achieve the end result. Once you get it removed you are going to have to use some chemical to remove the sticky residue that is left on the metal. You want to make sure and not use anything that will harm the finish on the bumper. Make sure you use gloves with all chemicals and do not breath them in.

4. Finishing the Job

Once you have the gummy residue off the bumper, use a mild non abrasive polish to clean and protect the bumper from bugs and other road wear. Shine it up and you are ready to go.