4 Tips for Repairing Chipped Chair Rail Moldings

Chair rail moldings are a type of trim that is commonly used in order to go around the perimeter of a wall. It is partially used in order to help protect the wall from chair backs rubbing against them or being bumped into and because of this, it eventually gets worn and chipped. Here are a few tips that you might want to consider using if you need to repair chipped chair rails.

1. Use Wood Filler

If you are dealing with a chipped wood chair rail, one of the best things that you can do is get some wood filler. Most of the time, you can get a wood filler that is already in the color that you need to match the chair rail. It will come in a small tube that is already premixed. You will then simply have to squirt some of the wood filler into the chipped area on the chair rail. You can use something to smooth the wood filler out so that it gives a realistic appearance. After the wood filler dries, you should not be able to tell the difference in most cases.

2. Caulk

You also might be able to use caulk in this situation. There are many different colored caulks that you can use in order to help repair a chipped chair rail. With this technique, you are going to need to get access to a caulk gun and then squirt some of the caulk into the gap. You will want to take a paper towel or rag and smooth the caulk across the area. Otherwise, it might dry in an uneven fashion.

3. Sand and Stain

If you are dealing with real wood chair rails, you might also be able to sand out the chips. Take a piece of sandpaper and use it to sand down the chair rail. You need to go deeper than the chip itself in order to fix the problem. If you are dealing with a very deep chip in the chair rail, this may not be possible. However, if it is only a small chip, you will be able to sand it down.

After you have sanded down the area that was affected, you will need to make sure that it is completely clean. You do not want any sawdust left on the area. At that point, you will be able to use wood stain or paint in order to refinish the chair rail. You can use a small paintbrush or a rag to apply the stain or paint to the chair rail. When you are doing this, you want to be careful to not get any of it on the wall if you are staining it with the chair rail attached.

4. Remove the Chair Rail

Before you implement any repairs on the chair rail, you might want to consider taking it off of the wall. This should only be done if you can easily remove it from the wall without damaging it or the surface of the wall.