4 Tips for Replacing a Tub Spout

What You'll Need
Pipe wrench
Allen wrench
Teflon tape
Duct tape
Large screwdriver

Generally, when the tub spouts starts malfunctioning, faded, wearing off its finish and corroding of internal threads requires replacing it with a new one. Replacing a tub spout requires removing it which would seem like a discouraging task. But it is an easy and non-expensive task and does not require any special skills.


Tip Number 1: Unscrewing the Old Nipple                       

With the help of a pipe wrench unscrew the nipple (short threaded pipe sections). Determine the suitable wrench after looking under the spout with the help of a flashlight.                    

Tip Number 2: Detaching the Setscrew

If setscrew is noticed, then use hex wrench to loosen it, then twist and pull the spout off gently so to undamaged the internal connections. 

Tip Number 3: Removing the Screw-On Spout

 If one doesn’t notice a set screw, then it’s a type of screw-on spout. For removal, twist the spout in counterclockwise direction. With tubing cutter, cut off the piping if the protruded pipe is of copper along with thread fitting. Else if the protruded pipe is of steel, then remove with screw-on spout.

Tip Number 4: Installing the New Nipple                    

Screw the new nipple to the fitting which is placed behind the wall by wrapping both the ends of nipple using the thread tape. After sealing it by silicone caulk, the new spout is now screwed on.